Supervisory Management and Supervisory Skills QQI Level 6

Marriott Port-au-Prince Board Room by Steve Bennett @Flickr
Marriott Port-au-Prince Board Room by Steve Bennett @Flickr


This course aims to enable the learner to competently undertake a supervisory role in a range of organisations and vocational contexts.

Night: Monday
Times: 18:30 to 21:30
Duration: 12 Weeks
Starting: Monday, 25 September 2017

Cost: €500.00 (€15 off online)


QQI 6N2104, 6N4329 Level 6

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the principles and practice of supervision in a range of private, public and voluntary environments.
  • Evaluate different approaches to supervision and or line management, to include key concepts and methods of choosing an approach for a particular context or organisation.
  • Analyse the attributes and key skills of an effective supervisor, to include communication, interaction, time management, organisational skills, familiarity with relevant employment and health and safety legislation.
  • Explain the role of the supervisor in establishing, maintaining and continuously improving standards and quality in an organisation.
  • Utilise a range of organisational skills, to include planning and organising work, time management, arranging, running and following up meetings, documenting relevant elements of personal supervisory practice.
  • Develop strategies for overcoming barriers to effective supervision, to include recognition of common challenges and problems when working with individuals and teams, and identification of possible resolutions.
  • Design an operational work plan or project for a fixed period, to include short and medium term objectives that are consistent with the organisations overall objectives, policies and requirements, and utilising appropriate monitoring and evaluation tools.
  • Utilise training needs analyses to plan and implement training plans for a team or group in accordance with organisational objectives.
  • Delegate work to others, to include assignment of tasks, monitoring progress, evaluating results.
  • Provide effective feedback to individuals and teams, to include positive and corrective pointers, and communication on poor performance and ways of resolving any issues arising.
  • Implement a work plan, to include appropriate monitoring and records of progress, evaluation of implementation in relation to the original plan and appropriate action to complete the plan.
  • Supervise a team, to include negotiating a work plan or project, delivering a briefing, checking understanding by summarising information and agreed-upon actions, monitoring and evaluation of progress in the work plan and by team members.


    This course is 2 nights a week and covers 2 modules. If a person wishes to undertake 1 module only the cost is €280.
  • Monday Night: Supervisory Management.
  • Wednesday Night: Supervisory Skills.


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Extra Costs

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